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Chop Saw Lowes offers dexterity in cutting. With good material materials and iron quality and non ferrous. This is a very fast multi cutter cutter than any other cutter. Provides lower cuts compared to cutters using abrasive wheels. It has a light weight and a very comfortable grip when worn. It’s a very recommended tool for you to cut wood.

Chop Saw Specifications

  • Multi-cut off saw lowes offers skillfulness by cutting a good style of materials as well as ferric and non-ferrous metals
  • Utilizing a inorganic compound tipped blade permits the depth of move stay constant throughout blade life
  • Multi-Cutter cuts four times quicker than chop saws and eight times quicker than transportable band saws in 2-in x 2-in x 1/4-in bracket
  • 14-in 70-tooth inorganic compound tipped evolution chop saw lowes Blade delivers a lower cost-per-cut compared to cutting with abrasive wheels
  • Specially designed inorganic compound teeth deliver quick, precise, just about burr-free cuts reducing the necessity for preparation grinding, and finished cuts that square measure cool to the bit
  • Largest capability in its category with even additional capability than a deep-cut transportable band saw (5-3/16-in spherical and 4-1/2-in x 6-1/2-in rectangular) permitting user to chop a wider style of totally different size materials for additional applications
  • Ergonomically designed horizontal handle puts user’s carpus in an exceedingly lighter position to assist cut back user fatigue and increase productivity
  • 15 Amp / 4.0 power unit motor provides additional overload capability to extend performance and sturdiness
  • proprietary Quick-Fence™ tool-free, 45° adjustable fence permits for quick and correct angle cuts while not employing a wrench.  this tool has a price of $ 249.99.
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