DEKO 3.6V Cordless Lowes Power Screwdriver

Lowes Power Screwdriver

Lowes Power Screwdriver Review

There are unit units that use cases for the less-tiring Lowes Power Screwdriver (where countless torque is required), drill conductors twelve or eighteen V, and for any other small low driver will be excessive. As soon as the battery storage battery on my Ryobi driver died, I made the decision to show up for Li particle drivers. Even if DEKO is not in Amazon, I find a strong Youtube review, and also an indication to push some flat solid screws. Search Youtube for “DEKO three.6V lowes power screwdriver commercial.”

This is an entire kit, with twenty eight short bits (including seldom seen PZ1 and PZ2), four long bits, a pair of drill bits, eight metric sockets (5mm through 12mm) and a awfully helpful flex drive for exhausting to succeed in areas. i am not a follower of polished chromed bits, as they are doing not “bite” yet as matte finished bits, however I have already got associate degree ample choice of bits and drills, therefore this does not matter.

lowes cordless screwdriver commercial

Minor nits lowes electric screwdriver commercial:

— The collet was too deep, feat in-out travel once lockup to a small degree into place. I “fixed” this by putt associate degree O-ring within the base of the collet.
— additionally to the LED below the drill head, I detected what seemed to be a 3-element LED torch within the base of the handle. With no obvious switch, and no mention within the manual, I contacted the vendor, and was told that pushing the lens turns the sunshine on/off.

Product description

Weight:2.97 lb
Rated Input Power:18W
Battery Type:Li-ion three.6V DC, 1300mAh
Charger Current: zero.3A
Charger Adapter Input:AC100-240V,50Hz/60Hz
Charger Adapter Output:DC five.5V, 400mA
Charger Time:3-5 hrs
Max. Torque:4.5Nm
Torque Settings:6+1 Settings
No Load Speed:230rpm
Screwdriver x one
charger x one
BMC Box x one
Flexible Sharf x one
Socket x 8
Socket adapter x one
Prolong Rod x one
Metal bit x a pair of
Long Bit x four
25mm Bit x twenty eight


Price DEKO 3.6V lowes cordless screwdriver commercial : $28.99 At AMAZON

lowes electric screwdriver commercial lowes power screwdriver commercial

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