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Delta Power Tools Replacement Parts a delightful machine. It’s all that one could seek after at a giveaway cost. For a little shop, where planing isn’t a regular occasion, it’s brilliant. It’s substantially bigger than one would expect; really, it’s bigger than most higher fueled, higher estimated planers. It is positively constructed. The external lodging utilizes Lexan (an extreme plastic shape) rather than metal, yet you’d never know it, it’s so intense, and the lodging is rust confirmation, to boot.

The innards are strong as a stone. It is a four-post show, and the castings are so tight and strong that there is basically no play in the cutterhead-feeder instruments. The sharp edge changes are incredibly straightforward, the devices to do as such are given and put away in the machine, and keeping in mind that there are just two cutting edges, they are sensibly evaluated (normal $40 match for Delta Brand, less for outsider brands). The head makes 9400 RPM, for 18,800 cuts for each moment.

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I tried it with Pine fine, at that time the American Walnut standard, each having a 1/16 “cut (one full hassle full of grip) .The machine is not moderate, there is for all intents and purposes that no planer traces, and NO Kills. about 6 “wide and 2 ‘long. At that time I tried the same as the white shake shaker, expecting the engine to over load and stop. The engine was blocked only a little, but it did not falter. Testing Delta Power Tools Replacement Parts is a wonderful thing, I tried Purpleheart (with a respirator hijab, which you MUST wear when making dust with this wood). It’s about the heaviest wood that can be accessed. The engine was over emphasized to fit me on 1/16 “pieces, so I reduced the slice to 1/32 (1/2 turn of the handle) .No one subsided, and again, no one killed.

With 13″ cutting edges, a greatly quick cut, and powerful clean authority (I simply associated it specifically to my Shop Vac) and NO kill at all, the infrequent client in a home or side interest shop can’t locate a superior machine at this cost anyplace. I adore it!

I make TONS of little fretworked boxes, and am tired of purchasing exotics for fretwork in 1/4 thicknesses. I would now be able to purchase 3/4 thicknesses, tear them with my bandsaw, and rapidly plane them to 1/4 or thicker, at a large portion of the cost.


– greatly precise (I had culminate comes about down to 1/8″; did not attempt further)

– strong, tight form of the 4-post cutterhead gathering/bolster segments

– reversible cutting edges, giving both of you sharp shots with a similar set

– EXTREMELY appealing cost

– Five year guarantee (yet in the event that you’re not inside driving separation of a noteworthy city, you should transport it in at your own cost)

– Perfect for specialists or little shop.


– The engine could be all the more effective. The in/out sustain rate is superbly proper and trustworthy, however a bigger limit engine would help with hardwoods.

– It is single speed nourish. It is a bargained speed between the two velocities found on higher value machines, yet it is a well-figured speed to complete a momentous activity with two straight (not winding cut) cutting edges.

Delta Power Tools Replacement Parts



PriceĀ Delta Power Tools Replacement Parts : $329.00

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