Dewalt Miter Saw Parts Compound XPS

dewalt miter saw stand parts
Dewalt Miter Saw Parts

This Dewalt Miter Saw Parts DW716XPS 12″ Compound Miter Saw options the integrated XPS Cross Cut Positioning System, with associate integrated high intensity diode light-weight that casts shadows of the blade to be used sort of a optical device to point cut location. No alignment necessary; modification blade, bump / transport. The XPS system is operated by a straightforward on/off switch. This saw includes a high visibility bevel scale that creates bevel changes quick and straightforward.

dewalt miter saw accessories has A strong fifteen amp motor delivers three,600 rev for extended power and sturdiness. a straightforward to scan scale permits you to create quick freelance adjustment of bevel presets, the power to quickly bevel from aspect to aspect, with nine bevel stops. This saw offers tall slippy fences that support crown molding up to 6-5/8 in. nested and base molding up to 6-1/2 in. vertically against the fence, whereas simply slippy out of the approach for bevel cuts. extra options on this dewalt miter saw and stand embody a miter pointer focused in an exceedingly window for straightforward visibility, a bevel crown stop that may be reversed for either 52/38 or 45/45 crown, a cam-lock with miter pawl override that makes it quicker and additional correct, and a ventilated guard that enables the user to ascertain the blade. Includes: DW716XPS Compound Miter Saw, inorganic compound Tooth Blade, Dust Bag, Blade Wench.


  • Integrated XPS Cross Cut Positioning System with diode light-weight
  • Powerful fifteen amp motor delivers three,600 rev for extended power and sturdiness.
  • High visibility bevel scale that creates bevel changes quick and straightforward
  • Largest vertical capability of 6-1/2″ and largest nested crown capability of 6-5/8″
  • Cam-lock with miter pawl override


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