Granite Bridge Saw For Sale Craigslist)QHW- 400A

Granite Bridge Saw For Sale Craigslist QHW- 400A Picture

QHW-400A Granite Bridge Saw For Sale Craigslist may be used for varied tasks. it’s a compact construction with own metal stands. It doesn’t would like any concrete foundations however stands on the ground whole by its own frame.

QHW-400A granite bridge saw is good for cutting tombstones, building stones and interior decoration stones like stairs, table superior and window sills, thin tiles, etc. Please have an summary of the subsequent elaborate introduction.

QHW-400A Granite Bridge Saw For Sale Craigslist is flexible and versatile in use:

· designed to satisfy the stress of assorted stone fabricators.
· appropriate for cutting all reasonably natural and artificial stones.
· smaller sawing areas for tiny workshops.
· totally different rotation speeds to suit different blade sizes and materials.

Granite bridge saw has been engineered with high level sawing automation:
· compact control board with show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display.
· cutting parameters may be set into the bridge saw machine before cutting begin.

Granite Bridge Saw For Sale Craigslist QHW- 400A

begin to sawing in line with the planned parameters, below the management of its PLC system.
· table rotates or turns up mechanically in hydraulic.

Granite bridge saw has been made to possess correct sawing ability:
· robust, durable and vibration free style.
· precise linear guides for each coordinate axis and coordinate axis sawingmovements.
· blade vertical movement with correct slippery guides.
· table turning mechanism with top quality bearings.

Be straightforward operation of the granite bridge saw:
· control board straightforward to grasp and logical to control.
· clear displays, data shown on the show by English.
all commands to the machine is integrated to restricted range of buttons and switches.
· control board is articulated within the right finish of the machine tall of human engineering.

potency and productivity of the granite bridge saw:
· easy and simple sawing operations.
· blade cutting is optical maser target-hunting to figure quick and precise.
powerful motors provide blade high strength.
· straightforward and quick to put in, prepared for productive operation during a number of hours.

responsibility of the Granite Bridge Saw For Sale Craigslist:

· reliable operation, uncomplicated elements, low would like for maintenance.
· greasing points reduced and simple to access.
· long life guides and rails hand-picked for the bridge saws.
well protected against mud and impurities.

Granite Bridge Saw For Sale Craigslist

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