KSEIBI 647248 Circular Saw Blade Sizes 7 Inch

KSEIBI Circular Saw Blade Sizes

Product description

KSEIBI metallic element carbide-tipped, Circular Saw Blade Sizes for sleek cuts in veneered laminate, sheet product, base and exhausting and soft woods. Incorporates AN ATB (Alternating high Bevel) offset tooth style, permitting the blade to chop alternately to the left and right, generating a a lot of economical and cleaner cut altogether kinds of wood. Circular saw blade dimensions meets less resistance for a lot of economical cutting, manufacturing less material waste. Laser-cut enlargement slots cut back vibration for quicker, quieter cutting

Circular Saw Blade Sizes

Product Specification :


  • deal for cutting wood, plastics and non-ferrous metal sheet
  • inorganic compound tipped cutting teeth, bright polished surface, shot blasted.
  • Sharp cutting edes offer quick and sleek cuts
  • board, panels, MDF, plated & counted-plated panels, laminate & Bi-laminate, plastic and FRP.
  • Anti-shock slots style makes the cutting a lot of easier. a lot of stable

Price of KSEIBI circular saw blade arbor size 7 inch : $10.19

KSEIBI 647248 Cross Cut


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