Makita Power Tools Combo Kits XT218

Makita XT218 18V

Makita Power Tools Combo Kits

Makita Power Tools Combo Kits is one in every of the innovation leader in conductor tool technology, and therefore the XT218 power group Kit provides you 2 conductor solutions to handle most drilling, driving and fastening applications. The 18V LXT Impact Driver weighs solely three.3 lbs. for a superior power-to-weight quantitative relation, and therefore the 18V LXT Hammer Driver-Drill delivers 750 in.lbs. of torsion for the foremost rigorous drilling and driving applications.

Both tools feature Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), built for exaggerated mud and water resistance for operation in harsh job web site conditions.

It’s a part of makita cordless power tool combo kits increasing 18V Lithium-Ion series, one in every of the world’s largest conductor tool line-up battery-powered by associate 18V Lithium-Ion slide-style battery. Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have one in every of the quickest charge times in their classes, in order that they pay longer operating and fewer time sitting on the charger.

Makita Power Tools Combo Kits


Makita XT218 18V LXT

I’ve worked with Makita Power Tools Combo Kits and drivers for many years and eventually buckled and acquired myself a combine. I worked in a very warehouse wherever we have a tendency to did international shipping of huge industrial machinery, and so I found myself collection crates, pallets, etc on a day to day. These very little drills pull their weight one hundred fold. they’re sturdy, reliable, and really simple to use. These area unit a little significant however that simply adds to the sturdiness in my opinion. The combine I worked with stood up to frequent dropping, giant items of wood falling on them, sun exposure, some gentle rain, paint, dilutant (to take away the paint) etc, and ne’er gave up. I hope this combine rises to the challange.


Price : $259.00


Makita XT218 18V LXT Lithium-Ion

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