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Makita Track Saw Accessories

Got a second 55” to connect to the one that came with Makita Track Saw Accessories. Mine square measure each straight however I did ought to replace the zero clearance strips on them that price $20. however overall rather more economical than the 118” @ 275$. wondering obtaining a 3rd therefore I will have 2 joined to 110” and one 55” for breaking down sheet merchandise. confine mind you are doing ought to additionally spring for the attachment rails to meet up 2 tracks. however the makita kit did embody 2 in contrast to festool that sells them as singles for $20 a pop.

There’s no denying that the work and end of the festool stuff is healthier, however at alittle over [*fr1] the worth, I’m pretty happy with the makita saw accessories parts.

Wish somebody created one sized for trimming down doors. Like within the 80-90” vary.

makita plunge saw accessories

Only complaints would be that the friction strips on these square measure a foam material vs the festool tracks having a plastic additional sturdy strip. however thus far I’ve simply had to wash them off alittle additional oft. and at last, that the twine on the saw is awkwardly set and too short.this is Makita Track Saw Accessories review


makita plunge saw accessories pack makita saw accessories parts

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