Milwaukee Jackhammer 2200 Demolition

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milwaukee jackhammer is a nicely-built tool. It’s all-metal, aside from the handle grips that area unit good quality plastic. it’s a duplicate of a Hieronymus Bosch thirty five pound hammer. I’ve used it currently on some all-day comes and it’s worked well. I’ve busted out a concrete path 20x3ft and conjointly got an extra Neiko bit for excavation clay soil to trench in-ground field sprinklers and dig out recent bush stumps, and dig some of fence post holes. It will tend to urge terribly heat, thus I learned that it is best to provide it a rest when some of minutes thus it does not get hot. i believe these generic tools’ soft spot is that the motor switch. If it overheats, the connections to the copper windings will burn off the switch and there goes the electrical motor. So, the most effective factor is to not let the unit overheat, and do not force the tool whereas exploitation it; simply let it do the work on its pace.

I have filled the oil tank once, and its use at all to date does not seem to be consumed much. Perhaps the oil is especially common to facilitate cold or just to fill the inner gears, but the goal is, not leaking or spewing all the oil. The storage case of milwaukee jackhammer is closed enough quality considering the purpose of value. It is a plastic blow-molded with a plastic lock and has a significant plastic wheel on the metal shaft. If you will put it all over your body then you will be able to suspect this case will run out quickly, except for the light use that should have happened.

The unit will associate with an additional set of motor brushes. you’ll be able to realize a lot of generic brushes around here for many bucks. Although, i have not modified out the primary brushes, but soon. Bottom line, i like to recommend this tool if you have some of home comes in mind and you’d otherwise deal out $150-$200 at the rental center, then it’d be for you to own this handy just in case different comes come back up, otherwise you might conjointly loan it to a devotee or neighbor and be the extremely cool guy United Nations agency owns a air hammer.

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Product Specification :


  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz, Input motor:2200 watt
  • No Load Speed: 1900 Impacts Per Minute(55j)
  • Blowmod Case Inculded
  • Includes: 1-1/8″ Bull Point Chisel, 1-1/8″ Flat Chisel
  • perfect for demolition, Trenching, Chipping, breaking holes in concrete, block, Brick, Tile Stucco, Removing a foundation, concrete slab, oil chimney and much more.

Price milwaukee jackhammer  : $104.98 At Amazon


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