Milwaukee Portable Band Saw Table Tool

Milwaukee Portable Band Saw Table

Milwaukee Portable Band Saw Table Review

After I purchased the Milwaukee Portable Band Saw Table, i noticed that the majority of the cuts I wished were true 90s. making an attempt to urge consistent true cuts by hand is frustrating, particularly after you square measure making lots of costly rubbish within the process! currently I simply secure my Milwaukee band saw within the arm and i am sensible to travel.

When you initial receive it, you would like to urge it adjusted for a real ninety. when it’s set, you’ll take the milwaukee porta band saw table off and reattach later, no changes required.

The only factor that will create it higher if it may additionally cut forty five degree cuts as simply. (I’ve created a jig to carry the stock for 45s.) Or, having a variable degree setting (like a miter saw) would be AWESOME! 😉


  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is durable
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Converts Milwaukee portable band saws to stationary units
  • can be mounted on a work bench or used on the job
  • Heavy-duty clamping chain & crank nut easily secures all shapes of material
  • Lightweight – only 34 lbs

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