MK Diamond 166859 Floor Grinder

diamond floor grinder

Portable however Powerful

Though dedicated to being the highest floor grinder to be used in little areas, the MK SDG-7 concrete floor grinder features a sturdy and robust heavy-gauge steel construction. Its movableness makes it simple for one person to maneuver it, and also the adjustable bar makes operation a cushty expertise. The handlebars also are removable, that ends up in easier storage and transport. whereas it’s wonderful to be used for concrete, masonry, and mortar, it are often used with different materials, as well as getting used for the removal of thick coatings like epoxies and urethanes, adhesives, skinny set mortar, rubber, floor coverings, and waterproofing materials.

The MK SDG-7 concrete floor grinder comes with the MK-IXL vacuum shroud that gives a high level of mud management, creating the work a safer spot. The shroud accommodates diamond cup wheels up to 7-inches in diameter. It conjointly comes with a vacuum association port, which may attach it to a conventional look vacuum, serving to to cut back the chance of metabolic process issues.

Dimensions diamond floor grinder

The MK SDG-7 concrete floor grinder measures thirty four.6 inches by seventeen.5 inches by thirty two inches and weighs forty four pounds.

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About MK Diamond

MK diamond tool grinder was started in San Francisco in 1868 by Joseph Musto, a fifth-generation Italian stone-cutter and tile-setter whose ancestors were famous master craftsmen. He brought the abilities of his forefathers to his new target America and established the Musto Steam Marble Mill. The trademark of the business was its pledge to quality work and service–the Musto family continuously believed that ok was ne’er specialized enough. it’s in honor of this work ethic that MK Diamond continues its unrelenting pursuit of manufacturing the best quality product. By 1949, the freshly named Musto-Keenan Company had gained a name for creating superior diamond tools to chop marble and tile quicker and a lot of expeditiously, and has these days become established as a pacesetter in providing exactitude power cutting tools and diamond blades. MK floor grinder is committed to creating product and services that area unit a benchmark for the remainder of the trade.



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