Sjobergs Woodworking Bench 2500 Beech

sjoberg woodworking workbench

Product Description

The Sjobergs Woodworking Bench 2500  is each heavier and smarter than the other bench on the market, and is intended for cabinetmakers, serious woodworkers, and professionals. With significant duty construction, liberally massive vices, infinite dog holes for the four enclosed dog pegs, and enormous size, this can be a work bench that may handle any job thrown at it, and last a lifespan. With a bevy of choices and cupboards out there, it offers you an entire digital computer. get the most effective – get a Sjobergs elite 2500, and luxuriate in a lifespan of satisfying work.

sjobergs 1500 woodworking bench

From the Manufacturer

European bench creating at its finest! sjoberg woodworking workbench ar designed and designed by the best Swedish benchmaking craftsmen to be found. created in beech tree. the highest is eighty five millimeter (3 foot+) within the centre with a a hundred and ten millimeter (4 foot+) skirt and treated with a premium quality enriching oil. The specially developed vises give a huge clamping power across 600 millimeter (23-1/2inches). you may be astounded by the clamping speed, accuracy and smoothness. Bench comes with four, one in. steel bench dogs. appropriate for right or left bimanual persons! In but a pair of minutes, the front holding device may be fitted on either aspect. A double row of one in. (25.4 mm) spherical dogs work from each vises. With the new high speed fastening, you’ll be able to clamp your add a jiffy victimisation any dog hole or the holes within the trestle. With an outsized vary of accessories, your Sjöbergs Elite bench are going to be the proper foundation for your workshop.


  • Sjobergs Woodworking Bench prime OF the road craft work bench – Our skilled woodworkers work bench is made to offer you a lifespan of craft service.
  • massive SIZE AND capability – The length of worktop is 93-3/4-inches, with a breadth of 23-5/8-inches, and a piece height of thirty five 7/16”. This makes it a real woodworkers / cabinetmakers work bench, with no project large or too exacting for it.
  • 2 VICES and 4 BENCH DOGS FOR significant DUTY BRACING – Our top quality vices receptive a large five ¾”, and also the front vice is reversible to the opposite aspect for left handers. The enclosed Dog pegs work into the twin rows of dog holes up prime (with extra holes within the trestle), letting unlimited bracing potentialities.
  • SOLID beech tree CONSTRUCTION – this can be a industrial, vibration-free work bench. It weighs over 300lbs, and also the prime may be a thick three 11/32”. you may love however solid it’s.
  • many choices, AND WORLD category QUALITY – Sjobergs has been creating exceptional workbenches for quite ninety years. There ar several ex gratia accessories and several other cupboards for it that may customise the work bench to your actual desires.

Sjobergs Woodworking Bench

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