Tacklfe AHS02C Diamond Tool

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Tacklife AHS02C Diamond Drill Bits

Tacklfe AHS02C Diamond Tool is created of steel, and along side diamond coating. and it’s conjointly thought to be the Diamond Core Drill Bits, Diamond Hole Saws or secured Diamond Drill Bits.The diamond drill bits ar manufactured from steel, that is coagulated by special increased electroplating. with the facet flute hole style, the bit will take away the waste to stay the bit clean throughout operating method.The nickel plated surface with a snow mist coating will give superior performance and cutting strength and extend the service life.

Diamond coating enhances the drilling speed, that create the bit a lot of sharp; and therefore the nickel plating surface will extend the service life and enhance the surface corrosion resistance. the drill bits ar manufactured from steel, and coagulated by increased electroplating, along side good combination of diamond coating and steel, creating it contributive to grip drills . with the facet flute hole style, the bit will take away the waste to stay the bit clean;with optical maser marking, the scale mark are a lot of clear and lasting than others, and challenging to wear .


Material: top quality steel, Uniform diamond coating.
Color of Diamond Tool: Silver.
Cutting Depth: 1/2’’(12.7 mm).
Diameter: 6mm,8mm,10mm,14mm, 16mm,18mm,22mm,35mm,40mm,50mm(10pcs).
Perfect for : atomic number 3 Drill, AC Drill, Hammer Drill, Drill Press and then on.

Customer Review :

I have been exploitation this to drill holes within the facet of all of my mugs rather like the image within the description shows. nice|the nice} news is that it works great for that. The dangerous news is that every one of my shirts ar ruined as I still spill hot low everywhere myself. fortunately the opening has the additional benefit of skyrocketing the air flow of the mug that the low isn’t blistering hot.


Price Tacklfe AHS02C Diamond Tool : $15.97 At AMAZON

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