Woodworking Branding Iron Product View

wood branding iron custom logo

woodworking branding iron Stamp is Great for: 

  • Consume any customized picture
  • Consumes various circumstances previously warming
  • Awesome customized present for carpenters
  • Must give clear dark and white picture of mark, logo or picture after buying.
  • Incredible present for loved ones

wood branding iron custom logo Head:

  • Our Stamp is unadulterated carbon and can withstand warm up to 4500F.
  • These Stamps are made custom to your requirements through a procedure created by William Pfeffer called Carbon Impressing.
  • Carbon Impressing makes profoundly nitty gritty Impression in a short measure of time.


  • We fabricate our wooden handle from Exotic and Hardwoods.
  • We grapple the idea about a 3/8-16 Threaded bar.

wood branding iron letters

wood branding iron logo is great for:

  • Wood Burning
  • Calfskin Burning
  • Wax Melting
  • Cleanser Melting
  • Gourds Burning
  • Card stock Burning
  • Eggshell Burning
  • Bone Burning
  • Stopper Burning
  • Vellum Burning
  • X-beam film Burning
  • Ivory Burning
  • Hot stamping (gold leaf)

Price : $77.00

wood branding iron electric

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